• Search Engine Optimization

    To be sustainable, an SEO campaign requires more than just ethical SEO techniques. It must also be responsive to your company's needs and to the ever-changing demands of competition and search engine technology-in a word, it must be evolutionary. With organic search engine optimization built upon incisive research and responsive strategies, Team Neon is your SEO guide to adaptive, sustainable excellence.

  • SEO (part 2)

    Here's how search engines work: Search engines analyze the words on webpages, especially words that are repeated or otherwise called out: in boldface, in a headline, in a link, and so on. The engine records those important words and phrases--the page's keywords--on its servers. When you type the words you're looking for into a search box, the engine tries to match your words with the words from webpages it has analyzed, and it then delivers a list of matches.

  • SEO (part 3)

    The engine organizes that list from best to worst, ranking the results according to a variety of criteria (such as how many other sites find a page valuable and link to it). People usually click the links on the first page of results, so sites at the top of the list are more likely to get visitors. And more visitors can mean more page views, more leads, more sales, more ad revenue, and other business benefits.

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Why stop at a webpage. We can create a stunning logo to support your site.

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Business cards, clothing and vehicle magnets are just a few ways we can help create brand recognition for you.

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Concept-driven, beautiful, interactive, scalable websites and mobile applications for your business. Reach out to your audience through their favorite medium.


The Internet is the best place to sell stuff. Where else can you reach an unlimited audience while keeping underlying costs low by automating sales processes and cutting conventional shopkeeping costs?


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Team Neon is a website design, SEO, and Internet Marketing Company that provides high-end services to a variety of businesses, industries, and real estate companies. As a premier web design company, our goal is to take the weight off your shoulders. We employ creative approaches and implement only the latest technology to make final products that provide high-end interfaces and usability.